Created in 2015
Microinteraction Updated in 2017
Meet people with common interests and get to know each other by enjoying fun activities!

goPlay is not just an ordinary dating app. The users of goPlay can search for people who share common interests and indulge in fun activities by actually going out on dates where the couples are encouraged to complete missions together.


Primary Features

Search people by ID, age, distance, and their interests which are divided into three categories:
Taking photos, exploring new tasty cuisines, and engaging in some fun sporting activities are things people love to do anyway, and all these activities are even more fun when you do them with someone you'd like to get to know better.
Explore & Chat
The user can find out more about other people by reading their keywords.
The user can initiate a conversation simply by tapping the       icon.
The both users can tap the        icon to check suggested places based on their interests and proximities to the locations.
Decide where to go!
The user interface is designed to require only one tap to go back to and from the chat and the shared map.
The two users can see the same map and discuss where they would like to go. The map contains suggested places based on their interests.
The user can also add his/her favorite place on the map by dragging and dropping it onto the map from My Favorite Places.
Once they are done discussing where to go, the user can pin the place on the map.
Mission & Reward
(For first-time daters)
When the two users arrive at the meeting location, goPlay will recognize this though GPS and automatically send them a mission to celebrate their first date. 
The mission instructions and the reward will be delivered to the users' chat rooms as an icon located at the bottom right corner.
Since a mission and a reward are only for a temporary event for the first dating couple, the icon will disappear as soon as a couple spends the coupon.


How I got here?


30% of people have joined a match-making service, website, or app before.
  • 8 out of 9 people did not meet the person they found on the dating app.
  • "It was hard to continue the conversation (through online chatting)."
  • "His picture was cute, but nothing was in common."


stronger motivation

70% of people have never joined a match-making service, website, or app before.
  • They simply don't want to meet strangers. It's "awkward".
  • They believe it is hard to find "a right person" on dating app.
  • They care about what other people would think of them using a dating app.


effective ice-breakers

User Interview

I interviewed potential users to collect information about their experiences with dating apps.
(15 female, 15 male in their early 20s ~ 30s)
Q1 Have you ever joined a match making service, website, or app?
Q2 If not, what was the reason?
Q3 Would you meet someone you met online?
04 What will help your first date feel less awkward?


After researching potential users, I decided to add few special features: filtered searches, a map, and reward system.
stronger motivation,
effective ice-breakers
Find a person by not just looking at profile pictures, age, distances, but also their *interests.

*Activities which are more fun to do together.


<Three Main Categories>


01 Photography: Go out to take photographs together.

02 Foodies: Go out to experience new, delicious food together.

03 Sports

Contains a list of suggested places based on the couple's interests.
The both users can see the map to decide where to go.
goPlay assigns a couple with a mission when they go on their first date
The mission is GPS-based and it is activated when the two users are at the designated place at the same time. 
Once the couple complete a mission by checking in at the location, goPlay will provide a list of five coupons as a reward. 
Reward System
Using the coupon requires permission from the date as well, so that goPlay keep the coupon specially designated for this couple and no one else.

Information Architecture

Low Fidelity Prototype



Made with Framer JS

Usability Test

  • Intuitively understand the each UI
Tasks to Achieve: 
  • Find "Favorite Lists" inside the Map Menu
  • 'Check-in' to complete the mission
  • Successfully earned the 'coupon'

Challenge & Solution

Receiving in-app missions and rewards need to be intuitive and simple.
Create a floating icon on the chat screen to deliver missions and rewards.
Since mission and coupon rewards are only temporary events for first-time daters, the icons disappear once completed or redeemed.