Hi, my name is Yeon Woo but you can call me Angelina. I immigrated to Canada from Korea when I was 15 and had to adapt to a new life, a different culture and a new way of communicating. This lead to a deep interest in human behavior and my first degree in Communications. I started my professional life as a TV anchor in Korea but it is a medium that can only deliver messages in one direction. I craved engagement and interaction.


I have always loved electronic devices and new technologies and their ability to impact how we engage and socialize. Through deep research, collecting insights, prototyping, and analyzing micro-interactions, I want to design systems that are accessible and fun to use. Creating social play experiences allows me to create the opportunity for people to connect authentically without working hard for it. Accessibility and ease of use matter. I want to create experiences that are visually impactful and allow users to connect with the brand.